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Learning Inquiry

In this learning inquiry, the teacher investigates the success of the teaching in terms of the prioritised outcomes, using a range of assessment approaches. They do this both while learning activities are in progress and also as longer-term sequences or units of work come to an end. They then analyse and interpret the information to consider what they should do next.


The New Zealand Curriculum, p. 35

Key questions in a learning inquiry

  • What happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching?
  • How do I monitor the impact of my teaching on students’ learning? What have I learned about the use of digital content in literacy teaching?

"Checking in" on learning as students use the resource

Teacher "S" discusses her experience of using the DLO Point of view: editorialExternal link with the literacy leader and facilitator.

"S" begins by describing the lesson sequence that she followed to incorporate the DLO into her classroom practice.